Czech Casting – Sarah 1375

  • Czech Casting – Sarah 1375

    Name:    Sarah
    Age:    21
    Location:    Southern Bohemia
    Occupation:    help in family firm
    Characteristics:    enjoys fucking for money

    I admit this girl was one big surprise. Redhead with exotic name, Sarah, seemed like a well-raised girl from a prominent family. She lives in the country and helps in the family firm. Her hobbies are dogs and dog-sled races. But this is where the nice façade starts to fade out and reveal the shocking inside. Sarah said she wouldn’t mind filming porn, because fucking a guy in front of camera is the best way how to earn good money fast! And if she didn’t like the guy, she would just let him fuck her from behind!! She gets turned on when she can stick a finger up her partner’s ass!!! WHAT-THE-FUCK??? This is one wild girl, so let’s hope she will try her finger trick on our cameraman. Btw, do not forget this is Sarah’s premiere, she has never fucked in front of camera before. Enjoy her first show ever!


    Size: 541.82 MB
    Format: wmv
    Resolution: 1280×720
    Duration: 00:27:20


    Corresponding Photo Set:

    Size: 57.0 MB
    Number of Photos: 20




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