Czech Casting – Pavla 0197

  • Czech Casting – Pavla 0197

    Name: Pavla
    Age: 19
    Location: Prague
    Occupation: student
    Characteristics: smiley jockey

    When the door opened and blue-eyed Pavla peeked inside, we wanted to send her home immediately, ’cause she really did not look like someone of age. Just take a look yourselves! This very pretty graduate was really in high spirits. Her youthful smile became stiff just once, when the moment of truth came and we offered her the videotest. But she surprised us and thought about what her boyfriend would think and if he would approve just for a second… Nevertheless, her boyfriend was far away at the moment and as we Czechs say: eyes don’t see, heart doen’t hurt. So? We started opening bets if this future Velk√° Pardubick√° winner stays by her lover or if her riding passion wins. Suddenly, she grabbed our cameraman by his cock and saddled him up. Odds are 3:1, so bet quickly and download the video to see who won the race :-) .


    Size: 346.31 MB
    Format: wmv
    Resolution: 1280×720
    Duration: 00:15:12


    Corresponding Photo Set:

    Size: 71.6 MB
    Number of Photos: 25




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