Czech Casting – Nikola 1471

  • Czech Casting – Nikola 1471

    Name:    Nikola
    Age:    19
    Location:    Usti nad Labem
    Occupation:    sponsored by her BF
    Characteristics:    Princess of the Orient

    Don’t look for the hidden beauties of Asia in the East, you will find them living here. One of them is Nikola and she’s sitting on our white couch. This girl is a pearl of Far East, but she carries a lot on her shoulder. Her mother is an alcoholic, her sister a junkie and she worked as a prostitute when she was 18. Gorgeous Vietnamese orchid fucked by anybody who paid. But now she wants to change her life!!! She fell in love and decided to share her beauty with the world. You will be dumbstruck when you see her divine body. As we said, she’s in love now and that’s why she didn’t want to film anything at all. But our cameraman is really persistent and in the end always gets his piece of ass. And the unbelievable has happened. This lovely Asian beauty got fucked in our atelier and you can see that in your very own eyes. You don’t want to miss this!!!


    Size: 649.89 MB
    Format: wmv
    Resolution: 1280×720
    Duration: 00:34:41


    Corresponding Photo Set:

    Size: 53.5 MB
    Number of Photos: 20




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