Czech Casting – Lucie 3053

  • Czech Casting – Lucie 3053

    Name: Lucie
    Age: 24
    Location: Bílina
    Occupation: works with her hands
    Characteristics: boobs are gone

    Today’s CzechCasting is a ceremonial one, because the fair-haired Lucie from Bilina (North Bohemia) lost her casting virginity to it. On first sight, she appears to be a confident fierce young woman who walked many a catwalk and who may have been born a natural… But don’t trust this first impression. It was really her first time trying her luck, so it’s a big honor to us she chose CzechCasting. It’s her big dream to be the star of famous fashion shows. She dreams about that coming true during her working hours while she manufactures car windshields. This extremely thin girl has another passion too – tattoos, but she never found enough confidence to get one. Lucka, we have an idea. What about letting your pussy be tattooed by our cameraman’s hard cock? It will be quick, very pleasant and we will give you five hundred Crowns in cash. What do you say?


    Size: 562.15 MB
    Format: wmv
    Resolution: 1280×720
    Duration: 00:24:42


    Corresponding Photo Set:

    Size: 72.9 MB
    Number of Photos: 25




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